Why the pretty persuasion?

I regularly get asked why I started a blog and to give you the short answer: it happened because I realised while working with clients in my job as an Image Consultant that I couldn’t possibly answer every question within the time allotted.  So, blogging allows me to answer those questions my clients have posed to me but also allows me to offer what I have learnt to a wider audience.

The longer answer to why I blog stems from why I am an Image Consultant in the first place and to know that I have to start at the age of 14.  I was about  that age when I watched the film Sabrina for the first time and I was instantly fascinated by the idea of an ugly  duckling that could become a swan. I dreamt about running away to Paris and coming back beautiful and accomplished with a dark haired French man hanging from my arm and the ability to whip up a soufflé in seconds. Well reader, it didn’t happen. I was miserable. An extremely moody and overweight teenager with frizzy red hair and freckles, who of course had a huge crush on a boy who never looked at me (cue the violins). Yes, life was tough.

I desperately wanted to be as beautiful and elegant as Sabrina, to travel to exotic places and live a fabulous life.  So when I was 18, I decided I was going to go abroad to University and have my sabrinaesque adventure. Well, that never happened. I quickly realised  that I really had no idea about how to dress, how to act or even who to be in the world and as a result I spent most of my twenties hating my body and myself.
Eventually,I realised that I wasn’t alone, many women I came into contact with, both professionally and socially, seemed to have the same concerns that I did.  That struck me as ridiculous, I thought that surely we can’t all look that bad and so I set out to learn about changing my image and ended up changing my life.

As an Image Consultant I have moved on from that girl and I have been lucky enough to realise that how you look is really not that important once you know how to dress to your advantage. Learning about your body shape and colouring can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and how the world perceives you.  I now know first hand the positive effect learning these things can have on your self confidence because I have experienced the change myself.



I am Sarah Tighe-Jordan the founder of The Pretty Persuasion. I grew up in Galway on the west coast of Ireland until I was 18, before heading off for 10 years where I picked up a Finnish husband, a French bulldog named Duke and recently a little boy. I studied Psychology, Sociology and Health Promotion before going on to work with women from disadvantaged communities. I spent most of the ten years away from Ireland living  in Scotland, England and Finland but I also did a bit of travel.  It was during the time I spent in Helsinki that I decided to retrain as an Image Consultant in order to work with women in a more positive and creative way.

These days I live in Dublin, working as an Image Consultant and I spend my spare time reading, crafting, walking anywhere and everywhere, drinking far too much coffee and cuddling my french bulldog and little boy A LOT. Find me on www.sarahtighejordan.com for a private consultation.

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