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Blogging Break

22nd May 2014

I have decided to take a break from blogging for the next few years.  My baby is only small for such a short time and I want to spend my days enjoying him and any others who may come along.  I am planning on coming back to The Pretty Persuasion sometime in the future but I just cant say when.  In the meantime please look through my archives to see if the information you want is there. I am also happy to take emails from readers during this time.  Lastly, I am still working as an Image Consultant but through my online services only.

1 Summer Occasion Dress 4 Ways

30th May 2013

Spring and Summer not only brings nice weather, if we are lucky, but it also tends to be the time when we celebrate and weddings usually top the list of occasions we attend. It is always nice to have the opportunity to dress up for a friend or family members wedding. Though attending weddings can start to get expensive when you have to buy a new dress, accessories, get your hair done etc. That fine for one or two occasion and can also be a real treat but if you have more than a couple of weddings then it can start to be a real strain on your budget. So today I’m taking a look at how to work 1 Summer occasion dress 4 ways.

1 Summer Occasion Dress 4 Ways

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1. Choose a wrap and accessories in a similar colour that work well with the dresses style.

2. For a less formal occasion pair with a belted cardigan or shrug and add a pair of striking heels, a funky necklace and bag

3. For more formal occasion, pair with a fitted jacket and a headpiece in the same as colour as the dress and then pair your accessories either to the coat or dress depending on your personality type and what blends better.

4. Choose a floaty shrug in a contrasting colour and match your accessories to it for a more dramatic look.