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Spring/Summer Colour Trends 2014

26th February 2014

After spending the past couple of months looking out our windows at grey and dreary days it starts to become a little depressing and I for one become in need of a little colour injection. The best thing about this time of year is that, though its still cold outside shops are starting to bring in their Spring/Summer collections and I don’t know about the rest of you but just seeing all those clothes that are brighter in colour puts a smile on my face. Way back at the start of January, my first post of the year looked at Radiant Orchid which is Pantones colour of the year. So today I think its time to take a sneak peak at the Spring/Summer colour trends 2014.

Placid Blue Spring Colour Trend

Looks great on light or cool colouring. A great colour for the Summer months.

Violet Tulip Spring Colour Trend

Can be worn by Warms if it is this dusky purple colour. Very romantic.

Hemlock Spring Colour Trend

A blue green shade that can be worn by cooler or warmer toned complexions depending on the shade. Another great colour for Summer.

Paloma Spring Colour Trend

Looks good on those who suit pastels or lighter colours. Will be draining on those who need deeper colours so pair it with a dark colour if you must wear it.

Sand Spring Colour Trend

Lovely colour for warms, usually seen more in Autumn/Winter palettes.

Freesia Spring Colour TrendPerfect for Summer. Suits warms and deep colouring. Stay away from this if you are cool toned as you will look ill.

Cayenne Spring Colour TrendThis is a red/coral shade and will look great on those with warm undertones.

Celosia Orange Spring Colour TrendA bright and deep colour so avoid if you look better in pastels or more muted shades. Use as an accent instead.

Dazzling Blue Spring Colour TrendLooks great on cools, deeps and brights.

Friday 5: Budget Winter Bags 2014

17th January 2014

Back in April I was contacted by a reader for some inspiration for bags when on a budget which you can take a look at here. I have since had a few readers get in touch and ask me to do something similar for Winter.  As before I suggest anyone wanting something a bit different and still affordable should take a look over on Etsy but if you are happy with the high street then take a look at my 5 favourite picks for budget Winter bags2014.

Budget Winter Bags 2014

* Click on image for item source *

There were lots to choose from but all these beauties fall under the €50 mark and they are the perfect splash of colour to liven up your Winter style.

What to Buy in the Christmas Sales

26th December 2013

Well Christmas is over and to get past that post-Christmas slump it is the perfect time to hit the sales. In Ireland a lot of sales start tomorrow but some retailers have started to get ahead of others the past couple of years and are now opening today.  So, whether you are off to the sales today, tomorrow or next week then here are some ideas for what to buy in the Christmas sales.


1. Designer Clothes – though we all may lust after things we see online and in magazines its rare that we can afford to buy them. The Christmas sale is the perfect time to look for a designer item..they usually have a huge drop in price, the quality should be great and if you are clever and buy something timeless like a trench coat then you will get years out of it.

2. Sportswear – things like these never really go in or out of fashion so if you are looking for a good windbreaker or even tracksuit then buy these in your local sports shop or online at the specific brand. There are usually 50% off these items.

3. Statement handbag – another thing we lust after are handbags, but who has €500-€1000 to spend on a bag..well I don’t anyway but every year in the sales I do find great bargains with some bags having as much as 70% off. Again if you want something that’s not going to date then choose something in a neutral style that wont look dated too quickly.

4.  Lingerie – The sales can be the perfect time to pick up some sets to see you through the next year. Christmas always has a surplus of red and black coloured styles so you could even pick up something for Valentines day just remember to put it away until February 14th.

5. Jewellery – You have two choices when it comes to jewellery you can go down the costume jewellery route and buy items that will date sometime between the next few months and the next few years or you can buy less fashion forward pieces that will last for years. These tend to be the more expensive of the two so it will come down to both what your budget and style personality is.