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Friday 5: Spring Scarves for Every Budget

28th February 2014

Spring Scarves for Every Budget

With the official start of Spring only a couple of weeks away, it is the perfect time to start picking out some accessories to add to your wardrobe for the coming season.

One of the most important Spring wardrobe essentials has to be the scarf. In Winter we usually find ourselves wearing chunky knit scarves that are great for the cold but are far too heavy for the slightly warmer temperatures at the start of Spring.       

Scarves are also a great way of adding interest to a simple outfit by using colour or pattern as a focal point. When a scarf is lighter in weight its easy to wear it all day in place of a necklace and it is a simple yet stylish way of keeping warm in the still not hot Spring weather.                

Friday 5: Wardrobe Essentials

21st February 2014

There are some items that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The little black dress comes to mind but to  be honest not every woman is going to have use for an LBD I being one of them. I hate wearing dresses and I never wear black.  So, what items are the real wardrobe essentials? well today I’m looking at 5 items that I think are must haves.

Wardrobe Essentials

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1. Statement necklace – these are a big trend at the moment but I always own at least one striking necklace that can be paired with plenty of simple items in my wardrobe. Its a simple way to up-style an outfit.

2. Handbag – You can own 15 handbags and still not have one that works with the majority of your wardrobe. Look for a bag that tones well with colours in your wardrobe palette and a style that is not going to date by next year.

3. Trench coat – This style coat never seems to go out of style and it works so well in the in-between seasons. The belted styles look good on hourglass and pears but apple shapes should choose a straight un-belted style.

4. Stylish Flats – even if you love heels there will always be occasion when you just have to wear flat shoes. You can change these with the trends that come without spending a lot of money.

5. Jeans – every woman should have at least one pair of well fitting jeans in their wardrobe. Good fitting jeans are the ultimate in casual smart dressing. Choose darker denims for a chicer look.

Cold City Break Capsule Wardrobe

5th February 2014

On Monday I put together a Country House Hotel Capsule Wardrobe that you can have a look at here. As I mentioned then, romantic weekends tend to either be to country house hotels or city breaks. Today I have put together a cold city break capsule wardrobe, I focused on cold because the majority of European cities in February are cold and even if you head further south to the Mediterranean you most likely won’t be getting very warm temperatures there either.  So if you are heading away with your love next weekend for a romantic break in a city where it is going to be cold then take some style inspiration from this capsule wardrobe.

Cold City Break Capsule Wardrobe

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  • I love the idea of using scarves as a means of changing how any outfit looks, when you are going somewhere cold they are a must wear anyway so why not use them in place of necklaces as a means of styling up your outfit.
  • As I mentioned on Monday keeping colours similar makes packing lightly that much more easy.
  • You can opt for just a couple of pairs of shoes, high heels for evening and boots or flats for day but I have added a pair of converse in here because when you go off to a city you tend to walk a lot so you may feel the need to change your daytime shoes a couple of times depending on your itinerary.