Friday 5: Earrings for a Short or Wide Neck

6th September 2013

If you have a shorter or wider neck then wearing jewellery near it can often make you feel cluttered but when you choose the right pieces of jewellery they will actually work to your advantage by lengthening your neck and making it appear longer and slimmer. Earrings in particular can be hard to wear as they can add bulk and shorten your neck if you choose the wrong styles. Its best to avoid anything over-sized, chunky or wide and instead opt for the following choices when choosing earrings for a short or wide neck.

Earrings for a Short or Wide Neck

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1. Hoop earrings – Choose a hoop that ends that is not too large and that finishes close to your chin.  This style is a good way of wearing a longer earring while not shortening your neck.

2. Studs – as these come in so many styles and shapes its easy to find something that will suit your face shape as well as your personality.

3. Short drop – This style will look as if you are wearing a longer earring but wont shorten or widen your neck.

4. Tear Drop – If you choose a teardrop that is not too chunky and ends around your chin you can wear a glamorous style without causing your neck area to look cluttered.

5. Long Slim Drop – If you have a very short or wide neck this type of earring can make it appear longer and slimmer just make sure that the earring ends around your chin.

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