March 6, 2012

Cinnamon Tea

Our skin can look more than a bit dull after a long winter, since spring is upon us we all want our complexion to glow as the sun come out and the flowers start to bloom. A great home remedy for a healthy complexion is cinnamon tea.medium_7745936260


  • Most people are not aware of cinnamon’s several health benefits, including reducing high blood pressure and sugar metabolism. It is also know to kill bacteria and can be used in place of antiseptic if you ever run out.
  • Cinnamon is also beneficial to the skin because it acts by pumping blood and other nutrients toward the skins surface causing a healthy glow.

Cinnamon tea is available from all good health stores or you can brew it yourself by adding 1 tsp of cinnamon to a cup with hot water, allow to infuse for 5 minutes before drinking. If you must have sweetener add honey as sugar will destroy health benefits.

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