Friday 5: How to Resist Impulse Buying

27th April 2012

As a woman who loves clothes, I have had many experiences of going for “a look” in the shops only to return with my entire wage packet gone on clothes I don’t actually need. This used to be quite a frequent occurrence for me, even after I became an Image Consultant, I still couldn’t resist buying clothes I had no use for the only difference was that I always got some wear out of them.

The average woman wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time, in order to start wearing 80% of your wardrobe 80% of the time you need to tackle impulse shopping.

Colour consultation

Here is some tips on how to resist impulse buying:

1. If you have to go for a look around the shops take only the amount of cash you have allotted to clothes shopping with you and leave your card at home
2. Don’t buy the item unless it will go with at least 50% of you wardrobe, in the case of dresses only buy those that you already have accessories and coats/cardigan/shawl to match.
3. Bring a man with you while you shop,its proven we spend less time looking in stores while in male company and are less likely to buy unnecessary purchase than if we are with females or children
4. When you see something you like, make yourself wait before purchasing it. The longer you can wait before going back to the store the less likely you are to purchase it. So, set yourself a time goal of 3 days or 1 week and try to get to that point before you reconsider. If you still really want the item go back for another look and then decide. Often the excitement of the purchase will have worn off and you wont want it anymore.
5. Be cautious while paying. All retailers place items near or at the cash register to make you buy things you don’t need at the last minute.

Some other tips are - Avoid shopping with friends who encourage you to spend, spend, spend and avoid shopping with wealthy friends.  Finally, never shop when your upset or need a boost as this is when you are most vulnerable and most likely to impulse buy.

3 thoughts on “Friday 5: How to Resist Impulse Buying

  1. Sarah

    There was this beautiful red dress at Mango. I resisted and walked away, giving us one weeks worth of space…I went back 3x to look at it. I asked myself when I would wear it, and convinced myself that I needed a firey red number for those nights out dancing…I bought it at the end of the week, justifying that it’d been a good 7 days, and that I’d had enough time to think. I wore the dress the weekend I bought it…and wondered to myself, as I tried doing my usual lunges on the dance floor, why the hell I’d bought something so tight and flashy. I would have been way more comfortable in a cute skirt and shirt. It was an emotional, “This could be my life,” impulse buy. I’m holding on because I think there might be a chance that I need to dress up again, but frankly, the red is too eye-catching that I feel like a wasp when I walk down the street…so when AM I going to wear it again?

  2. ThePrettyPersuasion Post author

    Sarah, it sounds to me that you liked the red dress because it spoke to some aspect of your personality. This is another reason we as women often buy things we don’t need. It is that tiny part of us that wants to be more feminine or more dramatic. Red is such an intense colour it is not surprising that you found wearing it overwhelming. The only advice I can give you is to tone down the red by pairing it with neutral or muted accessories in cream, white, tan or beige whichever suits your colouring. Also depending on the style of the dress you may be able to wear it with a fitted cardigan,jumper or blazer over it. I hope this gives you some ideas so its not a wasted purchase or take a look at my post:

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