Shoe Styles for Slim Legs

24th February 2014

If you have slim legs you are lucky enough to be able to wear most shoe styles. Though certain styles will make your leg look slimmer and longer and you may want to avoid this to prevent your legs looking out of proportion to the rest of your body.

You may also have extremely slim legs that you are uncomfortable showing off. Whatever the case try these shoe styles for slim legs to get your pretty pins out on display.

Shoe Styles for Slim Legs* Click on image for item source *
  • Avoid wide or chunky styles as they will just make your leg look smaller instead choose stiletto or kitten heels as these will be more in balance with the width of your leg. Be careful that the stiletto is not too high as you may end up making your leg look longer and slimmer.
  • Avoid nude shoes as they will just lengthen your leg instead go for colourful styles that will create horizontal emphasis and draw the eye across.
  • Choose styles with an ankle strap or bar across them. These will again draw the eye over making your leg look wider and shorter.
  • Ankle boots are great for cutting your leg when worn without tights. Choose styles that are not clunky but that do have details that create horizontal emphasis.
  • Knee boots and mid calf boots worn with nude tights are a great way of creating a line across the leg and making it appear shorter and wider.
  • Flat shoes will automatically make your leg look shorter and wider. Again avoid any styles that are clunky as they will only highlight your slim leg instead choose slim fitting styles that finish high on the foot.

Friday 5: Wardrobe Essentials

21st February 2014

There are some items that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The little black dress comes to mind but to  be honest not every woman is going to have use for an LBD I being one of them. I hate wearing dresses and I never wear black.  So, what items are the real wardrobe essentials? well today I’m looking at 5 items that I think are must haves.

Wardrobe Essentials

* Click on image for item source *

1. Statement necklace – these are a big trend at the moment but I always own at least one striking necklace that can be paired with plenty of simple items in my wardrobe. Its a simple way to up-style an outfit.

2. Handbag – You can own 15 handbags and still not have one that works with the majority of your wardrobe. Look for a bag that tones well with colours in your wardrobe palette and a style that is not going to date by next year.

3. Trench coat – This style coat never seems to go out of style and it works so well in the in-between seasons. The belted styles look good on hourglass and pears but apple shapes should choose a straight un-belted style.

4. Stylish Flats – even if you love heels there will always be occasion when you just have to wear flat shoes. You can change these with the trends that come without spending a lot of money.

5. Jeans – every woman should have at least one pair of well fitting jeans in their wardrobe. Good fitting jeans are the ultimate in casual smart dressing. Choose darker denims for a chicer look.

Be Celebrity Groomed on a Budget

19th February 2014

Female celebrities are featured in the media so much these days that its no surprise that women as a whole have started to feel inadequate. These celebs have huge resources to expend on their looks and though not all female celebs look groomed, there are those such as Jennifer Anniston and  Jessica Alba who always look well groomed when they are snapped.

So how is the normal woman supposed to compete with that? We all spend money on cosmetics and beauty products but few of us would have anything near to the same resources as celebrities. If you like to look good but are on a budget then today I’m looking at three areas of image that are important to be celebrity groomed on a budget.


1. Haircut –  I cant say this enough. Your haircut is the most important item you wear. Its on your body everyday, its one of the first things that people see when they meet you and a good cut and or colour will show off your best features. If you cant afford a top salon and most of us cant ask, ask, and ask again for a recommendation for a good hairstylist and don’t stay with one you are not happy with out of loyalty.

2. Clothing – If you can afford more expensive designer clothing that’s great as they tend to be better made and fit better but for those of you who are on a high street budget you should look for brands that have better tailoring. On top of choosing better quality items you should have a great seamstress who will tailor them for you. Crafty ladies can do a course in dressmaking and tailor there own clothing to save a lot of money in the long run. Lastly care for your clothing and they will last so much longer.

For good tailoring on the high street try: Zara, M & S, Cos, Reiss or Topshop. There are plenty more brands you just have to find those that are suited to your individual style.

3. Nails – With the advancements in nail technology you can now get a manicure such as shellac that if well done lasts 3 weeks. The price of getting this done tends to be around the same price across the board.  So, again find out a recommendation and don’t be afraid to complain if you are not happy with the service you receive.